Websites for Weekly Writing Assignments

December 10 – December 14

Watch the Howcast video How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Read about 15 ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Read about climate change on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Website

Read the words for Test Your Green IQ Discovery Education Word search

Read about the L.A. Time’s article about Obama’s plans for the environment


November 13 – November 16

Read the information about 10 Famous Prenuptial Agreements

Watch the slide show about Reasons why you need a Prenuptial Agreement


November 5 – November 9

Read the information and watch the video on Today about Project Everlasting

Read the Health and Well Being Made Easy article about the Characteristics of a Happy Marriage

Read the information on She Knows about Marriage Builders: Secrets of a Happy Marriage

Watch the video Secrets of a Happy Marriage


October 29 – November 2

Read the information on the Old Farmer’s Almanac about How to Find Your Perfect Mate

Read the information on the Wise Geek website What Are Arranged Marriages?

Watch the video about Speed Dating

Read the information on the How to Find the Ideal Mate

Read the information on How to Succeed at Online Dating


October 22 – October 26

Read the information about Wedding Traditions and Customs Around the World

Read the information on Live Science website about Wedding Traditions 

Watch the Al Arab video – Zaffe Entertainment

Read the information on about Chinese Wedding Traditions

Read the information about Arabian Culture and Wedding Traditions

Read the information on the BBC’s website about Mormons and Polygamy

Read the information on the New York History website about The Oneida Community


October 15 – 19

Watch the video Back to the Simplicity of Life

Read the Zen Habits article Simplify Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life

Read the Urban Homestead article about Homesteading in the City

Read about Homesteading Guide: The Lighthearted Truth of the Simple Life

Read the NPR essay about The Shakers

Read the article about Groups of People that are Similar to the Amish

Watch the Buckley Report video about the 100 Things Challenge

Read the article Everything I Own: My 288 Things

Watch the video Can You Live Without Tech?


October 8 – 12

Watch the video Parenting Kids and Discipline Across Cultures

Read the article and watch the video on Today’s website Are You a Strict Parent?

Watch La Rhonda’s vlog Parenting Tips for Misbehaving Kids

Watch the video Being A Tiger Mother – Amy Chua Part 1

Watch the video Strict Asian Parents and Stressed, Pressured Youths

Read the article American Parenting: Are We Getting it Right?

Read the article How Do Amish Discipline Children?

Read about The Advantages of Strict Parents


October 1 – October 5

Watch the video about Cultural Diversity

Watch the video about The Rules for Amish Business Success 

Read the information about Religions Around the World

Read the information about Religious Ways to Discipline a Child

Watch the movie Amish Grace


September 24 – 28

Read the stories on Project Gutenberg Favorite Fairy Tale’s Website

Read the stories on Storynory’s website

Read the story about Lavender Lilly

Watch the YouTube video of Terrylene’s ABC Story I’ts a Bug’s Life

Watch the ASL ABC Story

Watch the ASL ABC Story Checkmate

Watch the YouTube video Goldilocks and the Three Bears


September 18 – 21

Read the stories on the Online Collection of Aesop’s Fables

Watch the video The Ant and the Chrysalis

Watch the video The Ant and the Dove

Watch the video The Ant and the Grasshopper 

Read the Aesop’s Fables on The Free Resource website

Read Aesop’s Fables Morals and Stories

Read the list of Aesop Fable’s Morals


September 10 – 14

Read about beneficial insects on Insect Identification website

Read about interesting facts about insects on Bug Facts website

Read about important insects on Insect Respect website

Read about Bug Features on National Geographic’s website

Read about the Top 10 Good Insects for Your Garden on Mama Knows website

Read about how  Tiny insect brains can solve big problems on NBC’s news website

Read about different types of insects on Buzzle website 


September 4 – 7

Read the article about Journalism

Watch Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Life video

Watch Positive Affirmations for Well-Being

Read the article Seven Little Habits That Can Change Your Life

Watch Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk: Adding Seven and a Half Minutes to Your Life

Watch Shawn Achor’s TED Talk: The Happy Secret to Better Work


September 10 – September 14

Read the Awesome Stories multi-chapter story America Attacked.

Read about Flight 93 on Flight 93 National Memorial

Read about Flight 93 on Flight 93 National Memorial Park

Read about the Heroes of Flight 93

Watch this video honors the heroes of United Flight 93

Watch United Flight 93 Memories

September 10 – 14 – World Trade Center Videos

Watch this tribute of 9/11/2001

Library of Congress – Response to 9/11

Today – Survival Story – Heroes of the World Trade Center

9/11 ResearchJohn McLoughlin and Will Jimeno

60 Minutes Story –  Last Man Out – Sgt. John McLoughlin Describes his Rescue from Ground Zero after 9/11


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