Watch the captioned video: How to Speak in American

Watch the ASL video: Marlee Matlin Against Hunger

Watch the diversity video: Friends Come in “All” Diversity

Watch the slide show: A Good Day by Brother David Steindl-Rast

Watch the DSPS video: The World in Your Hands An Orientation Film for the Disabled Students

Watch the video about San Diego: San Diego Travel Video

Watch the video about Time Management by Randy Pausch

Watch the live video of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Watch the video USA Africa – We are the World

Watch the video What is Right?

Watch the video by Pam Brossman Your Time to Shine

Watch the video Take Flight

Watch the video Stuck on an Elevator

Watch Don Chapman in the video Fitness Knows No Age

Watch the Obama and MLK Tribute I have a Dream

Watch the video made by America’s Disabilities Activists

Watch the TED video of Evelyn Glennie

Watch the video of Evelyn Glennie and Linda Bove

Watch the TED video of Dan Ariely 

Watch It Gets Better by Corrie

Watch The Disability Law Lowdown

Watch Cypress College’s The Great California Shakeout

Watch S & G The Sound of Silence


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