Power Point Presentation Outline

Power Point Slides for My Cultural Heroes, Family and Mentors

Slide 1: Title Slide with by line

Slide 2: My Birthplace – My Culture

Slide 3: My Family – My Parents

Slide 4: My Family – My Grandparents

Slide 5: My Family – My Siblings

Slide 6: My Family – My Uncles, Aunts, Cousins

Slide 7: My Mentors – My Direction in Life

Slide 8: Thank You


Make Your Power Point Interesting

1. Open Power Point – select a font and size that will grab the viewers’ attention.

2. Type the information for the Title Slide.  Insert Slide. Type the information for slide 2.

Continue to insert slides until you have eight slides completed (2 – 8).

3. Select images.  Go to Google.  Type in words that represent your cultural background.  Click on Images.

Select images to Copy and Paste into your Power Point Presentation.


Make Your Power Point Move

1. Choose a Transition – go to Animation, select a slide movement, click on Apply to All

2. Animate Text – go to Animation, click on Custom Animation, highlight the words, Click on Add Effect, Entrance, select an effect, select the speed

3. Animate Picture – go to Animation, click on Custom Animation, select the picture, Click on Add Effect, Emphasis, select the emphasis


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