North Star 3 Video Clips and Visuals

Watch the video The Metamorphosis by Naama Ziv

Watch the movie trailer for The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Read Chapter 1 The Metamorphosis read by David Barnes 

Watch the video In the Life of a Bug

Watch the video The Metamorphosis of Franz Kafka


Unit 5 – Eco-tourism

Watch the National Geographic video Brass Shackles

Watch the video about Original Elephant Painting

Watch the video Wild Elephant Trekking in Thailand

Watch the video A Cape Cod Summer by the Chamber of Commerce

Watch the video San Diego Tourists Visit 2010

Watch the slide show Tourism vs. Eco-tourism

Watch the video Antarctica Time Lapse a Year on Ice

Watch the video Want to Travel to Antarctica?

Watch the video Science Nation Antarctica Rocks

Watch the video Giant Marine  Creatures in Antarctica

Watch the video Eco-tourism Brazil

Watch the video Move by STA Travel Australia

Watch the video Ecotourism: Historical Problems in U.S. National Parks


Unit 4 – Speaking of Gender

Watch the video Toy Ads and Learning Gender

Watch the video Why Don’t Boys Play With Dolls – Lise Eliot

Watch the video clip William’s Doll

Watch the video Gender Differences – Stereotypes

Watch the video Chapter 7 – Language and Gender

Watch the video The Gender Language Translator: Manslater

Watch the slideshow Women’s Liberation: Equality or Equity

Watch the slideshow 15 Formal Words

Watch the video Men are From Mars Women are From Venus Summary – John Gray

Watch the video Gender Roles Interviews with Kids

Watch the video Women Shop, Men Buy — Differences in Shopping Styles

Read about 15 Essential Differences Between Men and Women

Watch the slideshow 15 Formal Words

Watch the video Lego History of the English Language

Watch the video American Slang Lesson 1

Watch the slideshow British and American English

Watch the ASL video What slang is that?

Watch the video about Spanglish the New Ad Lingo 

Watch On the Other Hand 14-1 about Code-switching


Unit 3 – Going to Extremes: Sports and Obsession

Watch the video Going Deep Gymnastics part 1

Watch the slide show Dancing With the Devil: My Anorexia Story

Watch the video about Tony Hawk’s backyard skate park

Watch the video about Graham Jarvis Extreme Training

Watch the video about Ashley Fiolek

Watch the video about The Story of Ashley Fiolek

Watch the video about The Western States 100 and Geoff Roes

Watch the video about Barefoot Running with Jason Robillard

Watch the video about Ultra Running: Coaching Endurance

Watch the video and learn the words to “When I Ruled the World” by Cold Play

Watch the video A Difficult Challenge: Eddie Izzard – Marathon Man

Watch the video about Henry Wanyoike


Unit 2 – Fraud

Watch the FTC video about Identity Theft

Watch the FTC video Fraud:An Inside Look

Watch the video Minimizing the Risks of Identity Theft

Watch the video about Catch Me If You Can Meet Frank Abagnale Jr.

Watch the FTC video: Real People Real Stories


Unit 1 – The World of Advertising

Watch the Superbowl Pepsi commercial, “Bob’s House

Watch the Lay’s Potato Chips Senior Race commercial

Watch the Head and Shoulders Shampoo Wedding commercial

Watch the Candida Multicare Pantomime commercial

Watch the Pepsi Max Angry Neighbor commercial

Watch the Energizer Battery commercial with Mark Jacko

Watch the First Energizer Battery commercial with the Energizer Bunny

Watch and learn about McDonald’s Local and Global Strategy

Watch the Master Charge elephant commercial

Watch Advertising and Society

Watch the Ashton Kutcher Nikon commercial

Watch the Toy Dog Straight Talk cell phone commercial

Watch the Pepsi in China commercial

Watch the Honda Nice When Things Work commercial

Look at 40 Minimalist Print Ads That’ll Catch Your Eye


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