La Llorona Questions

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

p. 89 – 90

1. Why can no one say where the story of La Llorona took place or whether it happened at all?

2. What did people say about Maria’s beauty?

3. What was Maria’s family situation like?

4. What did Maria think she deserved?

5. Why didn’t Maria have anything to do with the men of her village?

6. What would she say to her grandmother about who she will marry?

7. How did she describe her future husband?

8. What advice did her grandmother give her?

9. What did Maria say to herself about her grandmother?

10. What advice did your grandmother try to give you? Did you listen?

p. 92, 94, 96

1. What would Gregorio do if he was riding a horse and it became well trained? Why?

2. What did Gregorio decide about Maria?

3. What did Maria’s parents think about her marrying Gregorio?

4. After a few years of marriage, what things did Gregorio do?

5. Of whom was Maria jealous? Why?

6. What other emotion did she have and what did she do?

7. What ultimately happened to Maria?

8. Why couldn’t Maria be buried in the sacred ground of the cemetery?

9. What did people call Maria and what did they tell their children?

10. What scary person did your parents tell you about when you were small?


p. 98, 100, 102

1. What did one boy who didn’t believe say to his friends?

2. What did this boy decide to do near the river?

3. What did he see coming toward him through the trees?

4. As the shape drew nearer, what could he hear?

5. What did it feel like when La Llorona’s fingers touched the boy’s shoulders?

6. What prayer did the boy remember to say and what happened as a result?

7. When the boy got home, what did his mother say?

8. When his mother reached out to take hold of his shoulders, what did she notice?

9. What did the mother do with the shirt and what did she tell the children?

10. Why do you think parents would want to scare their children with stories like La Llorona?


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