Advancing Vocabulary Skills Activities

Chapter 10

3 jobs with autonomy

3 bureaucratic departments

3 common mandates

3 reasons people are ostracized

3 racous events

3 examples of a recourse to an injury

3 reasons to reiterate something

3 things that are tantamount to success

3 examples of tenacious behavior

3 places that are like a utopia


Chapter 9

3 things that can bolster someone’s confidence

3 things that tend to depreciate

3 examples of an indiscriminate lifestyle

3 professions that attract inquisitive minds

3 nebulous answers from parents

3 reasons to relegate a worker to a low level job

3 holiday meals replete with special foods

3 sedentary jobs

3 tenets of a national constitution

3 terse ways to say, “I’m going to be leaving now.”


Chapter 8

3 examples of natural attrition

3 ways people circumvent the law

3 examples of a cohesive group

3 grievous situations

3 things that might inundate our mailboxes

3 things to which a parent might be oblivious

3 items that people are reticent to admit

3 examples of robust flavors

3 items sanctioned by a government

3 reasons for a vociferous response


Chapter 7

3 people who might equivocate on the job

3 fortuitous events

3 impeccable records/histories

3 people who act as a liaison in government

3 diseases to which one can be predisposed

3 artistic areas that require a propensity for the subject

3 reprehensible actions

3 examples of a sham

3 ways people find solace after a life changing event

3 professionals whose job requires solicitous behavior


Chapter 5

3 examples of people who may be charlatans

3 career fields where corroboration is common

3 items that people disseminate

3 couples whose paths have diverged

3 animals or insects in nature that can lie dormant

3 items that people hoist

3 activities that are illicit in the U.S.

3 reasons to declare a relationship irrevocable

3 events that precipitate a recession

3 conditions that create a proliferation of bacteria


Chapter 1

3 items that could be a detriment to your health

3 activities that require someone to be dexterous

3 people with whom you should use discretion

3 professionals who are paid to be facetious

3 professionals who should be gregarious

3 items to include in an optimum diet

3 ostentatious cars

3 professionals who should be scrupulous

3 foods that offer a sensory experience

3 situations that offer vicarious experiences


Chapter 2

3 professionals who collaborate at work

3 reasons people become despondent

3 reasons to instigate a political protest

3 animals known to be resilient

3 life lessons we learn in retrospect

3 rudimentary truths about life

3 reasons people scoff at others

3 ways to squelch a rumor

3 famous people we venerate

3 famous political zealots


Chapter 3

3 movies or TV shows that have an ambiguous ending

3 famous dissidents

3 things that can be embellished

3 things people fritter away

3 inadvertent mistakes

3 inane cartoon characters

3 items juxtaposed in houses

3 reasons that lethargy sets in

3 machine that operate sporadically

3 reasons the government should subsidize education


Chapter 4

3 reasons to berate a pet

3 reasons to estrange someone from your life

3 reasons to feel euphoric

3 things impetuous people do

3 three machines we like to believe are infallible

3 maudlin movie titles

3 signs of regression in children

3 items you might relinquish after a divorce

3 ubiquitous items in the air

3 people at the zenith of their careers


Advancing Vocabulary Skills Synonym Check Chapter 4      

Vocabulary Word Synonym
berate abuse
estrange apex
euphoric backslide
impetuous disaffect
infallible eager
maudlin headlong
regress omnipresent
relinquish retreat
ubiquitous reliable
zenith trustworthy

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