El Civics

You are going to study some lessons that will help you get a job or get a better job by preparing for a job interview.  You will also practice filling out job applications.  After you complete the lessons, you will take a test.  There are two parts for the test:

1.  Communication test: You will play the role of a job applicant in a job interview.  The examiner (teacher) will play the role of the employer.  You will decide on a job position that you would like and prepare for a job interview.

2. Writing test: You will fill out a job application based on the information you read in a resume.

Students who pass the tests will receive a certificate.  By participating in the El Civics program you are helping your family, yourself and the school.  Thank you!

Practice for El Civics with activities from the SDCE El Civics webpage

Read about jobs on the SDCE Career Development Services webpage.

Explore careers and watch videos on Minnesota’s ISEEK website

Read the information and do the exercises in the #33 El Civics Advanced Student Guide

Read the information and do the exercises in the #33 Intermediate High Student Guide


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