Deaf Culture

Read about Deaf Culture definitions

Learn about Deaf, Deafhood, Deafness by Toby Welch

Read about Deaf Culture Online by Mark Drolsbaugh

Watch a movie about Deaf Culture by CSULB Industrial Design Junior Studio Class

Watch the cultural information video: Courteous Communication in Deaf Culture

Watch the ASL videos: Basic Signs in American Sign Language

Watch the ASL video: Expert Village American Sign Language Lessons

Watch the slide show I am Hard of Hearing, but I am Determined to Succeed

Watch the trailer for Sound of Silence – Deaf Can Dance

Watch the pilot promo for Marlee Matlin’s TV show My Deaf Family

Watch a segment of Through Deaf Eyes

Watch Johanna Valenta sign God Bless America

Watch Jon Lenois’ You Tube video What If…?

ASL Glee Chorus performs Imagine

Watch CJ Jones teach ASL in Rise and Sign

Watch America’s First Deaf Rapper (Chosen) Pt. 1

Watch  Ana Arce’s graduation speech, The Deaf Can!

Watch Christy Smith interviewed on Deaf TV, Part 1

Watch An Open Letter to President Obama ASL and Subtitled

Watch Karen Putz: Deaf Mom Denied Service in the Drive-thru

Watch ASL is not English! – Part 1

Check out 100 Tools and Resources to Teach Yourself Sign Language

Watch D-Pan’s Waiting for the World to Change

Read about American Sign Language History

Watch the video Early Intervention: The Missing Link

Watch the video Math Terms in ASL and JSL


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