Ace Writing Assignments

Fall 2017

Essay — Nature or Nurture?

  1. How courageous are you when faced with a difficult situation?
  2. Who taught you how to face difficult times?
  3. What did that person do to show you how to act courageously?
  4. Were you born a strong person or did you learn how to be strong?
  5. What difficult circumstance tested your courage?
  6. Do you think having courage to face life’s difficulties is a part one’s nature?


H Lee and mother in N Korea 001






Spring 2017

Essay — How Much Food Do You Waste?

  1. How often do you cook at home?
  2. Do you use fresh, frozen, canned or boxed food items?
  3. How many meals do you eat each day?
  4. How much food do you waste each week?
  5. What could you do to avoid wasting food?
  6. How can one person help to feed those who are hungry?



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Essay – Who Raised You?

  1. Who were the adults that most influenced your growing up?
  2. What did they do to help shape your values?
  3. How have you adopted their philosophies?
  4. What will you do to carry on their legacy?




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